Friday, April 3, 2009

It is just starting : The Bio Disc wave

Soon there will be a surge in its demand


Petrol pump owners will be using it to get their customers back. Since people are finding n number of ways to increasing fuel efficiency.


Personal testimonials are there in numbers. There is a google group that has started called the Amezcua and the Bio Disc. Also there is a orkut group too.


Also there is a surge in the number of you tube videos that are getting uploaded. The information is all new. My personal experience is that the fact I have reduced the number of sleep hours by almost 4 and have been working hard . Always in time and also regained the supreme memory that I was proud of.


It sounds more like that Feg Shua crytal bangle ad from Mad Angles,( courtesy Bingo )

The problem is that the source of information on the disc is scarce but doctors in Kerala are already advicing every one on it already.


I don’t know how far the wave will go since it is time tested to about 15 years , it definitely does have a good effect on women. Some of the you tube links are as follows

You will get a large number of other videos in there



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