Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another IPL down the throat

Another season of forced Cricket, fed through media and friends is finally over.

I am now sitting in my Hyderabad home after a span of about 2 months. The closing ceremony is something to talk about

in the western world too. Akon, Fusion music, I believe some of the best of  South Africa are performing today ,

It is not every other day that you will find Katrina Kaif doing a stage show.


Bollywood heroes and heroines hold popularity in as remote a place as a French village where a movie like chocolat can still conceived of.

Germans especially recognize Shahrukh Khan when they see him on TV or Arjun Rampal so as to say.

Yes we don’t have as many hunks as Arjun here in Bollywood but the present day , moms only target their sons to become the dudes of their

College and the market demands it too.


Anyway, all the bull shit about the spirit of the IPL does seem to me like a bit over done or over cooked.

It is 12:24 in the morning, here and people are still watching Miss Bollywood , and the song to choose , “Jalwa “ from Fashion,



Lalit Modi knows to use the strategic breaks more than any cricket captain on field. I don’t see him far from the Indian ambassador to SA,

And many more countries to come.

Next in line, “ Botswana” or is “ Kazakhstan”


Sarcasm apart, I am ok with IPL taking the cake even though the elections here in India went pretty smooth. The other day I was searching for more

And more news on the current market scenarios and the recession and where is it heading. But I don’t fund much, there were some good blogs getting

Written from some on in as far as California, I think it was called the India development blog or something,

Pretty much it covers the sentiment of most of the educated literati , that understands where the country is heading. Finally , after a long time

I really find it an accomplishment in itself that now that I am not looking towards  money from my blog I will be able to write more and more

Meaning full stuff, stuff that see everyday and every day I decode some more of life.

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