Friday, May 22, 2009

One year

One year celebrations

I have finally got a new laptop . It really and finally has started to help me work better,

It is the HP 6390 P , Series, with 4 GB Ram, The only problem being the fact that the new laptop has a different keyboard

And it does take a hell lot of a pain in the wrong areas to get the mistaken words correct. So once I am back on track with this

laptop I will be kicking some nice shit.


Anyways, it was one year back , when I started blogging. It has been a nice journey, though I have been jumpy and have never gotten

time enough to write more. I have not been able to put much time and creativity behind most of the things that I write.

It was adsense in the beginning and now bio disc, is taking up all the time I have net presence.


By the way , work has been smooth and with bio disc I find more time in the day to do other stuff, and that I think will help a poor

blogger like me, Among other achievements of the last whole year, yes one more year of our lives, gone by , complete, I earned $8,35 in the last whole years

efforts to write more and more about Adsense , c puzzles. I think the Bengali magazine project has gone down the drain too. Have no idea as to what has to

be done next. Still, the way I see it, there are a large number of things that I find interesting in the way , money matters have turned out


The more I see the outside world the more I realize that it comes in its own pace and every one has a quote, Money is not something you dream and you get, it for sure,



and this one is flying as we say “fly” or may be even faster than that. With less time for everything, even watching a 3 hour long movie , tiredness, exhaustion, both mental and physical has set in.

Anyways, one full year gone by , one full year to recollect and place all the memories of the days gone by. Sweet and charming, tiring and frustrating, all things combined, I am a rather satisfied guy


This year , has been again a year of too many changes, too many things happening in and around. But I will not put it in this blog


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