Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One last thought for the day Feb 24 2010

It is the end of the day for me

I wanted to write about the way smartly Mamta Bannerjee presented the rail budget today


She says “Whoever is shouting, I will cut the project in his constituency?”

She was a able teacher in side a village school and the ruckus around , and the rubes from all side were enough to unnerve any other political figure, the very fact that she can fight it out like that standing there in the Parliament is the very sign of the days of administration to come,.


She does not leave the session, she does not walk  out, she does not throw the pen down, she does not visit the train wreckage any more and threaten incessantly to resign, She is now a changed Mamata


But her budget and whatever honest form it had ( no heavy words, no extra ornamental statements, a budget as it should be )


The only problem that the nation will have to hear from two severely accented Bengalis giving the rail budget and the national  budget J



Anyways, the rail budgets fundas were derailed by another express, the Sachin Express,


Sachin is not for cricket,

Cricket is for Sachin!!!

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