Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One random flight I took

After I got my job, I was touring all across the country , young at heart, with money in pocket and a will to spend,
I did cover a lot of the sectors.

Some times there are some sights that strike a chord , some where, but due to the lack of a camera in hand, I was never able to catch much,

I remember, the family that was sorting all its porblems in the Delhi airport,
I remember the Jammu couple, who were calling their neighbors to still come to the airport, buy the tickets and board the flight, and all this, when were just starting, ( I mean that the plane would started taxing within a few minutes or so

I remember the Himalayas, the peaks, on a sunny day in a flight to Delhi again.

I can still remember the beautiful Gujju Bong, who sat next to me and then we talked the whole journey.

One of the most beautiful woman that I have come across
Anyways, here are two familiar sights, that Indians, ( new age Indians ) always see, and take it for granted,

Well, I choose to live for the moment!!

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