Thursday, August 7, 2008

Like the dead body of time

Have become the dead body of time.  I am supposed to be doing good in life.

I have a good job, have enough fun with friends

Have done somewhat ok , if you were to ask me. But where is the charm of life, I have lost it in the process. Everything looks so meaning less. I am still the young guy who thinks that you can achieve anything.


But nope, that does not happen and the sooner you realize the better it is for you. I know where the limitations of the current man are , “the man that I am “


I need to ramble out myself out all the time. I need to find out the errors, I need to find out the problems . I discuss in my own mind the concepts that I have and then solve them alone.


But still at the end of the day why does material achievement mean so much. Within one lifetime I cannot be wasting time working like a robot everyday.

Wake up every morning, give your ass to the American ( Dollar power ) management, because, your family depends on you, because there is house in the making at your retirement,

There is more to be achieved. There is more to be done. I just cannot retire to the thought that “take the middle path and let yourself feel secure”


Time is just flying at a horrendous pace, the days of my life are going out , I am 25 and still to achieve a lot , but it looks like life has some other plans and things are not happening at all.

With the current pace I will be dead in my own steps too soon. The more you commit to one kind of work, the more expertise you grow in that and there is one point where you will have to decided, that enough, have learnt enough of this and it is time to move on,


For slower people, things take a lot of time. Some spend all their lives chasing a small dream, the dream that his peers would have set for him “ That senior in office, did this, did that etc “

Some just stoop down to other means to getting there. Many fly abroad, do mean labor just to make a mark somewhere some day.

I don’t know , whether this was the life I wanted to see when I was trying to grow up

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