Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Theory of current interest

I don’t know and don’t want to become a scholar of philosophy but slowly I am gathering interest in the same. I don’t to become Elsworth Toohey from Fountainhead or Bertram Scudder from Atlas Shrugged either.


The futility of blabbering or enforcing some thing that sounds reasonable is one more way how people can get to make their lives a little bit more valuable. I believe in the theory of current interest. I have no particular idea as to whether the thing has been preached or not. I believe in whatever I am currently doing if it is satisfactory and there is no need to follow a common procedure even though it is breaking you every day routine  you can let go of your rules .


Suppose you cannot afford a house , but somebody is renting out a house for some amount and you pay it and get to use it ( may be you will not be able to make any architectural changes to it  , or not be able to get some extra connections here and there and not start a garden out there ) Most people wont even think about living a proper life while in rental mode. They will treat it as a second home and forget the fact that whatever time they have spent in there is what they will never be able to live again.


Gathering inertia, getting afraid of having to start again is some thing most of us afraid of and in the process we don’t venture out, we don’t do the best we can and we stop living. Most of us , who come from small cities to the bigger ones , realize with time that the process is a never ending one and one will never be able to taste it all in one lifetime. 


If you believe in living in the current most of your pain goes off. When you consider yourself to be lucky enough and the things you get are more than satisfactory, it will be much more easier for you


Yesterday I was on a train from Kolkata to Secunderabad. The whole journey cost us 40 hours, ( the train schedules have changed for Falaknuma , it starts are 11 in the morning instead of the 7:25 am written on the tickets, and there were further delays due to some bridge collapsing in Orissa ) .

Well, I did not find the journey tiring or boring. I sat there with a large number of comics, books, laptop with movies and my ipod, So a new life sprang from nothing. I enjoyed the 3 tier AC trip all the way. I did not repent it a bit, and the long journey was the only solid rest I have taken in the last one and half years.


There are a large number of places where you can directly apply this theory but if you are born of that attitude it will be easier for you to see that you are getting comfortable with the toughest of situations. You will soon find logic, sense and fun in every day.  This can be said to be the height of optimism , the practical use of optimism.  

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