Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nature cures Physicians dont

A - Foods Leaving An Acid Ash

(One-Fifth Class)

Barley Eggs

Bananas (unripe) Grain Foods

Beans Lentils

Bread Meats

Cereals Nuts except almonds

Cakes Oatmeal

Chicken Peas

Confections Rice

Corn Sugar

Chorolate Sea Foods

Coffee Tea

B - Foods Leaving An Alkaline Ash

( Four-fifths class )

Almonds Melons

Apples Milk

Apricots Onions

Banana (ripe) Oranges

Beets Parsley

Cabbage Peaches

Carrots Pears

Cauliflower Pineapple

Celery Potatoes

Coconuts Pumpkins

Cottage Cheese Radishes

Cucumbers Raisins

Dates Spinach

Miracles of Alkalizing Diet (2 of 3) [5/19/1999 9:15:19 PM]

Figs ( Fresh and Dry) Soyabeans

Grapes Tomatoes

Lemons Turnips

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