Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long time

Almost for a month, I did not notice how the time went, but it had a lot to offer me  in the last month.

I had written almost about 140 blogs in May but the pace has slowed ebbed down. There are number things that I have been trying to do .


Well, in the mean time, our author for the Bengali magazine is ready , he will be sending his stories and poems to my Kolkata house. I will try finish my translation

and site presentation there.


Tomorrow we are leaving for the annual office offsite .Searching for a swimming costume for the same here in Tippasandra. Brought a cargo pant yesterday and when I tried it here at home it did not fit me, they were too tight.

We used the Brand Factory , off distance from Dairy Circle.

Man there are some far away places in the current Bangalore. Fomr whitefield to Dairy Circle it is about 25 km, That is great. I went all the way to IIM B in the end of Bannerghatta road to meet a friend there.


The IIM guys are a bit pissed , since some of there day one companies have died  ( actually killed mercilessly )

Well, so much happening and I had pulled my shutters down, Marriot Islamabad is down , god knows what else is in store for them since it is inhouse for Pakistan ,


More of that later, I also completed some of the books I wanted to read for so long ( Lajja, The prince ( Machiaveli ) , Atlas Shrugged )

Well,  so that’s more like , Durga Puja is round the corner , Don’t know whether I will be able to be of any help to the Hyderabad Puja committee this year,


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