Sunday, November 2, 2008

November here we are

It is almost late in the day today . It is November 2nd already. In another two days we have the US elections coming.

In another 12 hours we have the Stock markets opening.

Had a round up of the whole city today. About 100 kms travel with Shameerpet as the starting point, we had a whole round of the city all way till BHEL, from where we saw this whole SiriLingempally area .

One thing I noticed about Hyderabad is that the people here still have the laziness towards everything attitude but the area is growing pretty rapidly .

This is an sheer example of what one government can do,

people can reap the benefits for years to come .


The people here are sitting on gold. It has parch dry lands , with scarcity of water, Hyderabad is hot more than what you can bear during the summers. The people here have a different approach towards work and getting a plumber to do some work might land you in a three day ordeal.

In these circumstances I believe that what Hyderabad did was pretty remarkable.


I am astonished to see that the Old Dairy Farm road now fetches land prices about 20 -23 K /sq yd.

That is a lot of money for a small plot . I am still doing a lot of surveying and research . Lets see where all these leads to




Malay Sankar said...

Your tour of Hyd'bad is good but the city is much more than that - the biryani, its dialect of Urdu, the glitter around Hussain Sagar.... Land rate of Dairy Firm road is a real dampener however.

raja said...

hi parag kindly check ur orkut account....nd respond 2 it urgently....