Friday, October 31, 2008

Two hours to the market closed today Oct 31

Well, some  problems to start with,. I was a bit late to wake up and found out that the market had jumped about 800 points early morning.


Bharti declared its reports for Q2 today. And also, there was one bank that declared its reports today. The banking sector overall has been doing great,


The Reliance Industries has jumped about 200 rs in the week that has passed.


This was one good valuation , but the market at 7000 was looking really bad as each passing day was full of surprises. Slowly I am giving up any hope on being able to find some pattern here. Though Mandlebrot graphs are suppose to near it, but then again, you will have to have the control and data of all the market data every minute,


Yesterday surprisingly though there was some business , and moneycontrol were both down interestingly. I will find more about it and paste it here

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