Sunday, February 1, 2009

Writing starts back in 2009

                Today is a very sad day ,

It is a Sunday , and the 1st of February , Met a very old friend. But was not in my elements,

Roger Federer is down, back comes Nadal


Somehow behind that quiet exterior, I think Federer has a fire hoing up , he was actually, put to

no test in the last few years,

Now he is seeing the real danger in Nadal, Today he was losing his calm all throughout the game,
he my idol the quiet guys is all down at this moment.

I am not sure what to write and the fiery of thoughts that visit me all the time as I sit here in this plain

room thinking about the living gods of our times,

Seldom do you see Heroes, Yes Sourav Ganguly was one, Michael Jordan definitely a number one in world

sports history, but still many call it a conspiracy theory with what he did, to make go as big as possible

in the world of history,


a huge publicity stunt, but whatever the world comes to Fedex is not is in all his elements, and the talent in him

has to outgrow the softness and the malleability that he has put to himself, the rust is not doing him any good,

he needs to shed that off , and the sooner the better,


he will be in top form given the age for another 3 years at max and that I think should prove to all the greatness in him


He has it in him to put down the firewall like Nadal , and he can do it we all know. I know to prove your greatness you have

to come through great failures, and I just hope that this is one of those times, when the great Fedex will be down for sometime

before he finally comes back to reclaim his position.


God, why could I not grow into anything like a tennis player. They are the real heroes



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