Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fetish for the west

WE have come a long way since the old 1950s and 1970s and so has the world,
we are now looking inwards, going deeep

or is it,

Diya Mirza a bollywood actress comes from a German father and Bengali mother,
Lisa Ray , Bengali father, Canadian mother
John Abraham , Iranian blood,

And Akshaya dancing with Hollywood babes is not new anymore, neither is Salman doing the same with some British actress, Aishwarya with Matin Henderson.

And the list is continuing, in the serials that we watch from Riddhima in Dill Mill Gaye to talent hunt shows, everywhere we have this fetish sort of a thing

Remember the homely girl, Sanjana from Merey Yaar Ki Shaadi

Tulip Joshi,
Gujju Dad and Armenian mother,

I was waiting for a bold pic like this from her and finally got hold of one,

Emanuelle Chrique is one other lady whom I would pay to see her bare and dare it all.
Audrey Tatou has done it ( thank you Audrey )

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