Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blogging in March

Today is March 12



The year 2010, started some time back( a few hours may be ) .In the meantime, I went to so many places all around India. All in all , it was a good start. I could visit  Agartala, ( an added bonus of travelling )


I think , that mole thinngy does work out. This year I saw two new moles on my feet. So I must be travelling left, right and center.


Today the IPL3 starts. Hope some good blogs will come out. All the players are no fit and fine. No back ache, shoulder ache, groin injury , all are hale and hearty. All are focused and strong. I will be blogging about it in and out.


 It has been 22 months since I started blogging this one. I have quite a big archive now and am proud about it. I was reading one of the good blogs that I had written a long time back.


I could not stop laughing after reading it. Right now I am in a meeting, where I am on mute.


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