Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is the most beautiful thing in the world

The more you have free time, the more you spend thinking about stuff that you never thought existed


For me, right now I am reading some of the old stories in Bengali.  One I got from the Agartala Book Fair, Golpo Guccha by Rabindranath,

All these stories, once atleast, found, read, heard , seen , either through movies, theatre, school life, magazines, books but still hold a lot

Of questions in my mind about the sharp genius of the man who did not go to school himself,


In one of his stories,”Konkal” , I wonder, at how strong the author was in dealing with the emotions of a ghost narration of the life left behind,


The bones rattle but the sound inside still is that of a young woman who lived a life of her own. For us it is difficult to imagine that about 100 years back

there were  people who dared to think that life exists not for society but it is the other way around,



There will be people , in bone and blood ,just like us, there will be mortals who though look like us, somehow are not able to think the right or wrong,

constant nagging, whining, back stabbing, pulling each others legs for mere fun, and at the price of hurting a plant which will never grow into the tree

that was destined to



Rabindrnath Tagores writing has been, carefully, dissected, researched upon and taken to the heart by many of the Bengali aristocracy and slum dwellers over the years, I am a mere spectator to the wonder of a brain that was like clock work, producing footprints in time that will glow in the sublime surrounding of what we can look back as the renaissance of Bengal


How could one man, with so little education ? produce such gems, year  after year , throughout his life. Did he eat the same rice that we all eat, what sits inside that brain that we all wonder.


I had written about Sachin a few days back , no such comparison is possible ,but yes, the genius in humans is what keeps this rest of the world, other rest the of the billions alive,


we run the wheels of the world, go to office, come back , sleep , wake up eat breakfast ( skip it like me ) and then run back to work. But behind the scenes there are geniuses at work, who will create the next wonder, who will create the next beauty, these are the brains, that can create  what is good to the eyes, ears and the brain


these are the people who are making what is life to us, a gift , a thing of joy


the most beautiful thing in the world is nothing but the genius inside the brain of all these immortal human beings



I will keep writing about Rabindranath Tagore in the coming days, this new found interest ofmine is good for me, and will take me further in my understanding of what I thought was the Bengals upliftment. What was it about the times then that makes me think that the rest of the world was just robots and here in Bengal, there walked a few human beings who produced battery for these robots,




Adishree Kashyap said...
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Adishree Kashyap said...

actually education ruins one's ability to think and imagine. when we were kids, we did imagine a lot of stuff and then education killed that heart in us and exposed us to the real facets of life .... thats when we began thinking with our BRAIN and reason out things ... where there is reason, there is no imagination!!!!!