Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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I was away for the Digha trip and so many things have changed in the mean time , life is coagulating into a mans life with so many things to take care of, look into and think of. More trips in and around the memory lanes don’t happen much nowadays, but moments that will surmount into memories of tomorrow is what I add on each and every moment as the days go by.


Slowly the 9th month of the year is towards its end and here I am back to my seat here in Kolkata,

I am usually away from it for longer periods nowadays,

There are a few small things here and there. I applied for a loan in office to get hold of two shares that I think are underpriced ( Actually a Patel friend of mine thinks they are underpriced ) , GSPL and RPL, which has already touched rock bottom, They  are hovering near their major support marks,


Since there will be tons of reports like that strewn all over the market and internet and all the channels just blabbering into it, I felt that that the most important thing for me to do will be to get hold of The Patels intelligence in this matters and here am sitting here waiting for the loan I applied for to be sanctioned so that I can play in .


Well, many will advise not to play on credit money, but trust me guys , if ever the 100 years of hard work that the Indian middle class ( or at least the last 40 years that the middle class has put in ) , if that has to bear fruits, these share indices, just being a quantitative markers are bound to increase,


I am sure that Indian markets that lay far safe in the sub prime zone ( , we don’t even figure in most of the world reports for successful nations ) , it is the internal media hype that completely bull shits in to the US sub prime market crisis to ours.

Black money being allowed in the real estates and infrastructure sector, people with all their unaccounted money are now bound to pay  off the remaining small amount of money in white money which helps the nation as well as them on the bigger picture,


The average urban scene improves, the markets starts doing better due to rapid urbanization and the face of the towns and cities in India start lookin better.


The final go is, this is the right time to invest in the money market ( people like us are called the contrarians  ) Nothing bullish and nothing bearish ,just plain contrarians,

Well, go ahead, even I was planning for RPL and GSPL but now I will buy the ICICI guys after they reach their bottom 300 s which they will in the near coming future

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