Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time again for some more fun


Now I have some poems in hand. Will download Avro today, the laptop has come ( the keyboard is in a kind of mess)


Well, some journey into the heart of West Bengal, to the  Chandigram , to Mecheda and finally to Digha.

This is not the best time of the year to go though and the last we went they did tell us to come during the new year , the reason for it being the beaches are not safe to bath .


The high tide will pretty much affect even your seats about 50 meters away from the winter sea. The view is good during this time of the year and if you really love the sprinkle once in a while you can take a safe seat some where up and enjoy the view,

The wind is cool but one thing funny about the place is that it no way resembles a typical Goa evening and the breeze is pretty much invisible a little away from the beach , Some how that was astonishing for me . I had taken a room a little far away from the beach and it was the last you could say in the line.


It was more like , we are tired and please please please lets use this room ( it is fine  ) We will choose a better one tomorrow if needed,

Moreover , they sometimes ask for marriage certificates , “you know that feeling don’t you?”

Still, the hotel people treated us well as we were the only people around. We looked like the cool guys around,


They don’t bother couples much. Yup , especially if you look happy with life, ( the problem started with many romantic couples thought it better to end their lives in the shabby 150 rs hotel rooms out there ) near to the sea away from their homes.


The shopkeepers don’t loot you and the food in the hotel was godsend , in future I will prefer somewhere else to stay because Gitanjali ( the hotel where we stayed ) is not clean any more ( the old one looks a complete mess  ) with insects strewn dead here and there and the room smelling like morbid morgues .


The new Gitanjali just opposite to the old one is better but still I will prefer the newer ones which are closer to the beach. The only thing that completely ranks it on the top is the food .


Well, that is pretty much for the Digha trip ( but though it is a small writeup ) immediately after returning I am feeling tired to do anything else now other than a small power nap to wake me up completely.



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