Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The poems will be soon published

Out of work Authors, and also to them who have time and again tried their best to get hold of at least one publish them


Do you know why the Bengali authors suffer the struggle all their lives, especially now when any small  author in English is getting the lime light,


The sole fact that the people who could read you , buy your books and take the language to the next level are all outside, sitting in Bangalore, (7 lakh Bengalis stay in Bangalore )

There are many more in Pune, in Hyderabad, in Chennai , in Mumbai and in Delhi,

They have Durga Pujas I”n Coimbatore, There are many in Andaman, in short they every where else and not only the poor lower class, who go out in search of better jobs and atleast a square meal in the day.


They have Durga Pujas as far as in New Zealand, Search the web and you will find a lot of them, There is no dearth of them. The elite, the literate, the scholars who could give your books the review and the fame you wanted or atleast the respect that you deserve and can command.

They right fully say that that Kishores song “ Yeh laal rang, kab mujhey chorega “

That is the fate, you are soaked in red and red it is will you will meet .

I though have by some sheer fate finally met one of you authors who could make it big. I will soon be posting the poems he has composed here,

Please use Internet Explorer to read them.

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