Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some of the Bangalore Durga Pujas

This year, Bangalore hosts 39 Durga Pujas, the cultural invasion has a started,


Despite the Bangalore airport now getting shifted to another town all together, the Anandabazar still reaches to the nooks and corners of the city,

From Hal on one side to JP nagar on the other,

From white field to madivala  I have been able to get hold of a Anandabazar everywhere I go , Soon I believe that the local people will start getting  involved and that is when it will all bloom out in the open. Bengaluru would have by then bengalized,

This is a complete scenario change, things change ( I remember one of the writings in one of the museums in New York ) .

The Polish immigrants to New York came in search of jobs ( whatever that might be ) , they were really hard working and had their own skill sets to sell, they came to New York ( thinking about earning and leaving back to their own lands with enough money , but that thing never happened, the children settled there. Married the local people there, and led their own  culture in the coming years,

Thus leaving your own land in search of opportunities doesn’t make you a  traitor nor does it make you an intruder in the correct sense, The world is running on all kinds of businesses , some contracts unsaid and some un heard but they happen and they happen to you,

Our government in west Bengal was not able to provide for us, but the skills we possess are to be rewarded , India is where it is because it suffered years of non merited people in government jobs , we had quotas to kill the talented people) corruption  to kill the poor and nepotism to kill the deserving,


All these worn out souls left the country and celebrated un parallel freedom and opportunity in a foreign land called USA.

Same is the fate with Bengalis in India, they have made a prosperous Chittaranjan Park , one of the most prestigious Durga Pujas in India, they are now in Bangalore .


I will add some of the links of the Durga Pujos in Bangalore in the next post

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