Sunday, March 22, 2009

Avant guard advertising agencies

I don’t know whether other people have got the same email but somehow today morning I found it in my official email space.



It goes something like this

“My name is Erick Krusini, I'm HR manager of Avant-guard Advertising Agency. I would like to offer you a job position in your area according with your skills and experience level.


Our system found you as a potential candidate for the following job vacancy:…”



Somebody called Erick Kusini is running the same. Is it same as affiliate marketing. I have no idea. One of my friends usually makes site for the customer and charges a lot of money for the same. Some are running good businesses and have taken that as a their part time jobs to make websites for small Indian firms. Good businessmen  are always on top of the cheapest and the fastest possible ways to make money. Even in India where the internet is still a word that produces a lot of confusion in the minds of the listener it is now imperative that businesses in the major towns have to be online. I am a regular reader of many of the progressive journals that release far away from the public eyes. Like regular reports and studies from MDI Gurgaon, then there are industry specific data reports from in and around. Constructive marketing and salesman ship can be found in many small businesses in the country today 


There are a large number of companies that cannot afford proper advertising today , but online there is a complete new paradigm , There can be n number of ways to push your product online and make it globally available.



Anycase, guys reading this blog till now, please let me know if you come across this ad agency call the Avant Guard.


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