Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wonders of the Amezcua bio disc

Well, I came to know about this online and then got the chance to purchase it later


Let you guys know more about it with time. There is a lot of study going on about but the numbers are already available in their website. There is a lot of study on about the Business value and product value that comes with this disc.


People are willing to take it as an individual product too , and the effects are mind blowing . By the way, even if the product is too good to leave, there is a business value attached to it. More on that later,


By the way some videos are now out on google videos


Please do watch it to find out the amazing way this thing works.

Personally we have found out that a plant which has been fed the disc water is now growing at twice the rate at which plant fed with the town supply water ( or your regular water ) was doing.

Old people who always took the lift are now happily taking the stairs, considering the way their body is reacting.  I am personally benefitted with the miracle of reducing my sleep requirements my 2 hours  and also now in a period of 7-8 hours I complete work that I used to do in 2 days. This is a revolutionary product.

All the scientific data and results are available in their website, You may want to go through them for further reference





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