Friday, March 6, 2009

The Oracle , The Kaiser show ( BBC )

A lot of people are following it, or have started to follow it, here in India

Who would have guessed  that a complete satire on the American Economy with some of the people who come here

do bring out details of the American Social life and economic issues that can only be a topic of discussion in a

developed nation , be watched by people here in India,


Well, things that might catch your attention will be some of their predictions that show the following,


“America to legalize Marijuana and prostitutions since it make sense, since no matter what kind of legal restrictions you put there is bound to be these two going on. So why not make white money all the way up “


People do make sense sometimes. If you were not give the entrepreneurs award to Hugh Hefner then who else.


Anyways, Max Keiser does takes things to ridiculous lows which sometimes makes you sit up and take notice since it is the famed BBC you know of and not any other street show. I was pretty astonished at the quality of shows coming up now in the Indian channels.

Some of them are real quality but we still cater to the masses and sell what might not be tasty to a few but the masses like it.

A glittering saree worth 50 k on a show which does not have a script worth 20 rs is what we have for dinner time entertainment or what you call the prime time entertainment. I would love to go back to the times of Hum Log, Shanti, Farmaan, Neem ka per, Malgudi Days , Byomkesh Bakshi , Shrimanji – Shrimatiji,


We have volumes now and no character , no quality but quantity.


People have more fun watching, just for gags, and Takeshis Castles any given day

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