Monday, March 2, 2009

Dow Jones below 7000

 I think this is the point where things start to show the real colors.

Dow Jones today touched below 7000 in the starting hours of todays market ( March 2nd 2009 )

these are the turning times,.

years from now, when I will look back on this blog, may be I will be able to relate what comes next.


RBS dow 30 bn dollars, and HSBC wants 18 bn from investors, Where will the investor generate that kind of money.

And the Yen is now 97 to 1 dollar. Dollar is 52  rupees now and these are the times that we will remember in our future,



These will not be the good old years of our times.

Today our company which was known for its kind heartedness, for taking employees to Hawaii for some team meetings, for hosting refgular bashes with truck loads of beer, for regular US travel for its employees only to as a perk,  now has started to

bill for local calls made from office.

The other day I heard about some employee getting laid off in some other company for using paper cups for water. He was supposed to  use it only for tea or coffee. Basically if you have hired this technical guy after some rigorous rounds of interview, you could have just whispered to him , “:Get out”






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