Thursday, March 5, 2009

Punch lines

Recently there was a Hollywood quiz,

I was late and was not able to get in. So had to share some audience prizes.


Well, there were some good questions, the rapid fire round went like this



Nicholas cage in a bike: Ghost rider

in a car: Gone in 60 seconds

in a flight: Con Air

in an Island: The Rock


Well, that was it,



There was one question: punchline “Cleaning bad guys since 1986”

that was Chuck Norris and I was able to answer  that . Good Lord.


Well, there were some questions , pretty tricky ones, starting with the first adult movie “ the social evil in 1929 “

and “The Skin Game” Hitchcocks 1931 hit,


There were some questions from “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and “Casablanca”

All in all, I was happy with the standard of the quiz


Come September, background score  which actually was copied in “ Nazare mili , dil dharka, meri dharkan ney kaha” “I love you Raja”


Anyways, will get back with more.

Right now, 1:57 in the morning, Here in Hyderabad I am watching “Nacho Libre”



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