Sunday, March 22, 2009

Money money and more money


it has been weeks since I last blogged. I was in Hyderabad then when I last wrote. It was something to do about some BBC program.

By the way , my blogs don’t bring in crowd anymore, You have to be damn persistent, creative and heavy with info to gather some crowd online otherwise it is meaningless to pursue this.


But by and large my news accumulation site has gathered more interest than the others I believe. This is the first month after I started blogging that visitors on my news site is more than my blog. Good atleast slow but steady it is getting more clicks. Adsense on the other hand is not generating any more money. I know that the markets are bad and times will turn may be by the end of 2013. I am not hopeful either of a miracle in the web marketing industry. By the way , the affiliate marketing industry is pulling up more and more stuff as time passes. I am rather surprised at the way things are going on that note.
There are a large number of people here in India who make this sites and then earn money passively. One of my friends is now getting upto 3000$ a month which is  awesome in the given conditions of today.


Obviously or commission junction is one such place where you can gather that.


Well I found a whole lot of details in one blog that is the mega one for all adsense marketers in the world today ,


They have already , been doing this since 2003. People in 2003-04 made a lot of money and then went out of it at the right time. I now sincerely believe that in the past few years there was hell lot of opportunity for the whole world to make money. Money that they could not have even count. Now that the markets are back and we the “Incredible sulks “ are only talking that about the chances that we had.


There were some days in the sensex when almost all the shares went green and there were some shares that made 10 -15 % rallies in a single day. Now that the times are gone we have to think of far innovative ways than that.



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