Friday, February 27, 2009

The new kidnappers,

Ban now is the in his supreme state. He is jobless and is thinking about moving towards some freelance writing, He has no job in hand, Has saved some 3- lakhs. And wants to live off that for the coming one or two years,


He says searching for a job is more painful in todays conditions than ever before, There are more horrors to see than you can survive .So lets stay quite at home a much needed sabbatical  .
The prices are cheap and things will become good and when the sunny days are back he will come out in the open and shout for a job and there it goes, he will be placed,


With 4 years of experience under his belt already and some savings to go by I think he will survive. Especially now that we will go back to Agartala, the small town in the northeast, where spending slows to negative , once you are with your parents.

I know this decision is possible for the youth who are still out of loans and have their parents earning and they are pretty comfortably placed.

According to Ban this is not the right time for higher studies as the competition there will be elusive and the best will be fighting to get in, So he does not want to scathe himself there either. With salaries coming down and the educational institutions hiking their fees to 7 figures, it is becoming clear that the once chosen field of merit the brandmark of the hardworking poor mans midnight oil burning toil is now the pet of the rich .


In cities like Kolkata where even a year back some engineering college fees were less than 500 rs a year some engineering colleges are charging 6-10 lakhs for the same. What kind of joke is that on the face of the poor in India,

Forget the poor, the middle class employee whose only savings are now peanuts for his sons education, The son that cannot take care of him, neither by will nor by merit.


Sorry to say , today very few people in India will go into commitments like that. I don’t know whether 40 K for entry to a Montessori is the biggest joke of this nation or not but I feel bad for myself,


“If there is a living hell , it is in the minds of the corrupt politicians of today “


A corrupt politician in the western world deprives people from some extra luxury , some kind of development project which is good to have but can be done without


but the corrupt politician in India,robs us of our lives,

It makes me ponder whether the human conscience in a matter of study only in the school books of class 7



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