Sunday, February 1, 2009

Could not see Federer cry today

God knows,

why it happened this way,

Sometimes you feel that yes there are gods in this planet and they exists and yes atleast some are able to fight their fights the mans way and have it make them reach greatness all the way ,


But somehow,today that feeling was lost, I just could not manage to look at Roger go cry.

I now know the importance of not crying in front of your children, or lets say your students, that way you destroy the idea of greatness,


Well, Fedex has no idea what I think or a man like me even can exist, But somehow, I feel connected . I don’t watch Tennis that much ,neither in the last few years of his reign did I falter to keep the news channels on whenever he won.

The Rolex add is a such a personification of the greatness that he is.


Now when people are making choices between Rafa and Fedex, I still am of the thought that greatness doesn’t have to lose and go,

there comes a time in every greats life when is not compared but he simply leaves,


Bradman did in his time, Jordan did multiple times, Muhammad Ali had his own exit, but not this way Fedex, you need to prove anything any more




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