Saturday, February 21, 2009

One whole day of sleeping

 Blogging after a long time. Last year I was blogging almost 50 blogs a months. Now that it is one of those times of the century which people will remember as the great depression of the 21st century , we are getting down to hard work and no blogging,  as if it was a  better situation earlier,


A recent email chain proclaimed that in a recent matrimonial a Malyali girl asked specifically that she did not want to marry a man from the IT industry,

Yup this industry has sucked in more useless Indians than before. Moreover, Indians with no access to private life and no will either have already eaten their ways into the American corporate ladder and the situation is getting worse with each passing day.

The Indian management considers it pretty normal to ask its employees work on weekends, holidays,  and no private life at all.This is the beginning of those days, when people coming to the IT industry will not know how much is enough. I have seen the best of the minds in the country suffering traumatic time in the industry. It is high time for people in this industry to make moves to other sectors. In the past I have written about the futility if the IT industry unless the main pillars of the economy like automobiles, agriculture , aviation, commerce they work.

So with no skill set other than to sit in your cubicle and produce some code, the industry is flooded with fresh blood every year,

In the past in the years 2004-2005 when the IT boom had returned, it was getting increasingly unclear as to what the future of other jobs were but IT looked like a solid place to stay and most of the engineering colleges in south had the IT and CSE dept full till their brinks.


The result is the increasing number of unemployed and people ready to work for peanuts in this country. All employees in and around the industry know that the skill set he may be irreplaceable but there their hundreds waiting outside to enter this industry in hopes that they will be able to meet their goals of foreign travel, better life and match a lifestyle of that of their seniors who entered the industry in way back 1995 – 1998. They were the ones who really reaped the benefits of the industry. People who had a salary of  50K in the year 2000- 2002 had a great time with prices of flats within reasonable prices like  600 -900 rs per sq feet even in reachable places in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Today the scene is so bad that people within the industry are completely confused whether they are in the right track or not. With job losses and fear among the employees making everyday life difficult the situation is very uncomfortable.


This year 2009, june we will have millions of those students who joined the 2005 Engineering classes will be coming out asking for a job. Some will get jobs, some will step in to MBA as if two more years of shed.  And the rest will decide to go back to their shanty towns and get their dads business going as normal





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