Friday, February 27, 2009

Estranged couples in US now stay together


a couple in US , who were pretty much on the verge of divorce, today are staying together. 37 % of the divorce lawyers in US today say that it is time we add divorces to the list of casualties of this recessions

These are bad times,

in the last three days I had three pretty big bunch of bad news. Yes I am a software engineer and I stay happy I my bosses in US stay happy and they kept me happy for  long time. It was the new youth of India with money  in their pockets, The world saluted them for their show off skills , regular US visits and foreign trips, there was hardly anybody who wanted to become an IAS officer or a civil engineer. There was this IT wave and now as the days have passed I see there are millions of graduates in India who are going to pass out in 2009 June, since all the CSE seats were filled up way back in 2005.



Day before yesterday , RBS which used to stay in the top ten usually in the world bank list, revealed their annual cumulative loss to about 55 Bn dollars, and then yesterday it was time for GM to show about 30 BN dollars.

Also amongst them somewhere was the news of Japanese economy shrinking to about 12.5 % in the last year, You know what that means, That means that one out of eight people you knew who were working is now standing outside searching for a job. One out of eight factories shut down , one out of eight industries completely in the void.


There are a large number of problems today that show that, we the underdeveloped nation should not and cannot dream of good days for long unless we know of the root cause for the same and the very nature of the success. Today I can see very well that till 2011 we will be in the shady days. Yes for too long the IT engineers have basked in the glory of the west and today it is time we take their bad times with some amount of sensibility.



Well,coming back to the point of divorces, there was this piece of news article from CNN IBN . Estranged couples who just cannot afford to stay separate as the housing in no more affordable even though prices are hitting their rock bottom.  They simply cannot take the risk any more. The couples have decided to stay under the same roof, Who knows, unemployment and more time together might make the long lost love come back .

This is what explains less number of divorces in India till today , Since thee major part of India lives in the age old cultural jails and it is difficult for the wives to even get hold of some sympathy  in dire circumstances.


Anyway I was never a supporter of forced marriages and I am actually contradicting myself in supporting the Indian marriage system.  

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