Saturday, February 21, 2009


Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men, have mediocrity thrust upon them


To start with, I always believed that great things will happen if you are hard working and give your best  .Slowly I have realized that with all the hours that I have , even if I put up my best fight I am not able to make time for more . And this is the gap that is causing me to slow down in life


yes I am better off than many others , but there are times where I feel that I am inadequate, I have no control over the fact that my brain has limitations and that is where all the pain triggers, The fact that I am mediocre, the very fact that there are limits to my ways of thinking and somehow I am at that verge where I know that right beside there lies the key to so many problems in life somehow I find a small block.


I find it choking at times and feel that even after reading so many agony aunties write about bringing the best out of you , the best in you in times of depressions, I have this problem of visibility and knowledge of seeing some of the best take the cake in my mode of life.

Somehow there is something missing and they are the grey matter that makes me different from another person.


I move in a circle that is doing great in life , even I am not a non entity here but there is a need to do more and that is not happening amidst all the ruckus , noise and pain .



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Anonymous said...

why do different things ??? just do things differently :)