Saturday, February 21, 2009

The great recession is here .

Well, there are ups and downs in everyones lives,  as the saying goes, you are better prepared for tough times if you have seen some tough days in your past too.

This time around the problem is that we are seeing it collectively as the bad times are here. Managers fear no more that he might lose a potential good employee, there are millions waiting outside to beat you at your best skills .

IT is one field where the employees are scared to their pants as they know that they have become too complacent and don’t have any real world skills anymore,

They cannot even merely think about running a pan ki dukan if asked for. May be they will but all are in a state of dilemma.


Today I asked a friend ,whether he was willing to get into studies now after 4 years of hard work. Most feel that this is a glass ceiling here and we are not able to make any movement here or there. Most the startup modes where companies had a good vertical ladder and people could make moves up the ladder with their talents are soon starting to resemble any government office where you don’t know when your promotion is in the line. Whether there is a lot of apple polishing going on or whether the ability to stand on your own with sheer merit still stands as strong as it used to be.


I have heard complaints for many of my friends about many service sector companies in India like TCS and Infosys where the structures are so solidly defined that many of their employees especially the senior ones are now stuck invariably to their one position that they hold. And they are in no position to make any horizontal move or to leave their comfort.


This unchartered Indian middle class that thinks that it should and must enjoy the privileges that the middle class in US enjoys  or atlest their counterparts ( especially the Indians in US ) enjoys. Slowly the concept of making it to some prestigious club, having a 3 balcony flat , at costs beyond 50 lakhs, having 7 figure cars to talk of is something that is becoming the Indian dream of any Indian IT engineer.

IT believe that the goals are a bit unrealistic and are not to be achieved in this country  .

There are a lot of basic and fundamental changes that needs  to be done before we can demand such a lifestyle from our own country



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