Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The new face of the old India

For quite some time now we the new Indians are fighting over the fact “whether or not to choose a foreign country to stay”

Numerous books and articles have been written. Numerous anecdotes, movies and stories are there which support both sides of the theory,


One movie recently called the Slumdog Millionaire, raised some concern among people with no other interest other than some quick prints in news media. The hoopla was about the name Slum DOG, well, I know of people in Slums who happily term their own lives as slums and accept it. They never complain, since who cares.

They will be rather happy to be given 10 rupees to shut the **** off whenever required.


The movie has one sentence that really surmises it all. You want to see India , then that is it. I don’t know about the others, but I personally believe that the movie will not get an Oscar, It has a happy ending, but there was agony written all over it since the clock started ticking for these guys,

I am no critic, and neither will I be a good one If I have to present a case as such, but India as a country was gifted by the gods in terms of contrast in climate, geographical conditions .


If anyone were to read me here properly, what I mean is that , What USA offers today to the world with its concretized cities and manicured outskirts was ages back incomprehensible to the human mind . During those times, a country like India provided better opportunities, When foreigners from harsh climates  and uncivilized brutal savagery came to this country, they smelled something different.

Wow, this provides better opportunities, Lets settle here.


In todays world, that same post of being the heaven on earth is held by America. The name that actually, gives hope to many Indians that somehow , by some hook or by some crook, once I am there , it settles my score with god.


I was once termed a loser for looking down on my country. But I was never able to explain myself that it is out of love I deny ducth patriotism that has started to take root in our country’s youth.


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