Friday, February 27, 2009

Pranab Jee says we will make it 7 next quarter

I know, if you were to ask a middle class average employee that today we are sitting on GDP numbers like 5.3 percent according to the 3rd quarter results and soon we will hit 7 as per the result of the 4th comes out, the obvious answer that you will get will be either a burp or a fart so as to say in the least complicated of ways,



I don’t know, why these numbers are so significant and thrusted upon the common man so very often , while he is fighting or haggling with his every day life,

The slumdogs are every where, and if asked about it no one will deny that there existence is in any more flowery than the dog itself. There are more problems that come due to financial issues other than the denial of some materialistic demands, There are health issues, there are constant struggles on  the conscience to stay in the moral path,

A relatively well to do person may not decide to go on the path of immorality if compelled.

Today , in Karan Thapars, show, we are resounding something which resemble a MBA class in MDI Gurgaon, where numbers matter and  they have their living going or to say the pot boiling by doing some kind of A.C. Nielsen  survey here in India and have some political agenda going, but to the common man there is just no respite.



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