Monday, January 18, 2010

269 minutes lost in a single day of testmatch

Today in Chittagong, the 269 minutes of a test match day was lost in the fog.


We don’t need floodlights in the modern cricket grounds, we will be needing fog lights, pouring deep in the field, and the orange ball might be around the corner


But still, the find of the day , was this blog , I really liked it, hope you do too



This guy is an IT consultant and good that he gets time to write in his daytime. Anyways, the ICC is planning for day night test matches (some revolutionary idea they say , I am sure one of the guys , eating popcorn, came across this idea, and all of a  sudden this is now in the pipeline )



Anyways, the IT industry is down and people are sad, and gloomy about the prospects about the future.

I blog, this mister Karthik too does the same. We have nothing else to do , either.


not good signs at all, for the beginning for 2010  

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