Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kharagpur trip

Well, after a long time I am writing some posts.
I thought why not write about the IIT KGP trip. And it was what i had expected, a memorable one.
Better it would have been had it been through a BTech experience, and the guys who come out of it, I have seen the passion in them to prove themselves. I have met some of them in my career, and the KGP guys do have a lot to talk about the college , the campus and their mess. ( the one thing they all unanimously miss are girls, which is a a sad fact )

But still, the campus is what i would ideally say a place to learn, to gather more knowledge, the place to have fun too. There are so many dhabas inside, there are schools, there are untrekked places, and obviously n number of academic buildings, the Hizli Jail, where the fighters like Khudiram Bose of the Midnapur district were kept.

The roads in the campus, canopied by all familiar trees, tell a story of a well cared for campus, with the Malis or the gardeners coming to work on e daily basis and not a yearly once , whimsical visit.

Since most government paid, gardeners in the country seldom go to work for which they have a salary coming.

Once picture that always wanted to put up , is here

I always wanted to walk through these roads, to office and come back at the end of the day through these.

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