Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rather audacious

Sehwag, had bluntly answered the press conference, that “Phew, Bangladesh , not to worry, a simple test match,  a ordinary side”


To that, a Bangladeshi journalist had  answered : “Tell me ,what are we weak at, bowling, batting, fielding?”


Sehwag replied : “ Does not matter!”


I was expecting a blistering start from the Indian team, but with 6 wickets down with Dravid and Laxman falling like they never existed, and the responsibility on the shoulders of one such pillar who usually stands alone and has never given the Indian team a good foundation, I have little expectations from the little master


I just wish , that as Saurav had made the Sri Lankan commentator Abenayeke look like a fool , by coming down the pitch and hitting a great six of the bowling of Jayasuriya,today , Tendulkar will wake up to his real need and take this team to some sort of respectable score


This is the team, for which Daniel Vettori had commented after an one day series that we need 400 + runs in all matches to beat the current Indian team,


and that team falling down so quickly, ( I am not saying that it hurts more since it is Bangladesh ,. today , when Bangladesh gets invited to Australia for test series ) it hurts to see this state of affairs

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