Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, I went to Bhubaneshwar after a long time.
The station is much small compared to the other stations of the state capitals. I was rather surprised that Cuttack station smelled so bad, since i had better memories of Cuttack , but for Bhubaneswar the things were of the different hue.
Bhubaneswar , has changed itself in to a town with huge potential , as my Mama says, they have been fighting some of the worst draughts, inspite of having a corridor where mining makes the state a rich in ore , and thus cash rich state. Orissa has been a predominant name in the UN summits, with hunger related suicides and deaths, ( a picture of the countries worst report card or a breakdown of any system ) .
Kalahandi , as we know, came as a surprise to the educated world of the result of human greed, the land there is rich, but the people there are so poor they would trade anything for a piece of onion ( which will soon be the condition of the Indian urban markets, where the western dollars are not coming easy and the super taxes sapping everything to run the ventlators for Priya Ranjan Das Munshi or Jyoti Basu )

With the commodities markets, and bunch of Dallals in the Dalal Street dictating the hoarders across the country, it is a sad state of things, that we have to write about it in a blog and it will be read by a few more educated students of this nation.

The top brass is more worried about a misspelled word here or there, or a Shashi Tharoor comment. They are worried about " Shhh, we are not supposed to talking it aloud , that Rahul Gandhi is going to be the next PM "
it is like one of those open secrets

the rural bengal doesnot name the snakes or the ghosts in the night, "they are known as "Tenara" "
Tenara aaschen
Tenara choley gechen

Anyways, What I saw in Bhubaneswar was a eye opener , the out side of the station was neat , and it did not make my mind dizzy , with rampant taxi, auto etc etc drivers, who make your life hell elsewhere.
The circle outside the station was neat, and all the way till Patia which is about 15 km away from the station I did not see a single pothole, all 6 laned highways, we talk about after watching a hollywood movie
There was once a time, when train loaded with Oriya people came to Bengal to study , to be cooks in peoples home, people form Andhra came to learn about Dairy Farming technology, about the fisheries in Kolkata

Today Mamata Bannerjee has to put out a train every month from Bengal to oriss , from Bengal to the other states. ( just like Bihar obviously) . Since, people need to go out the state to earn.
I am putting this early morning picture of the road outside Patia ,where people feel safe for the morning walk, there is a less polltion , the shops are away from the main roads with gaps to keep your car and bike, nice planning I should say

the cushioned seats in the platform number 1 in Bhubaneswar does a lot too

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