Sunday, January 17, 2010

End of the era

In West Bengal today , there has been a change, a visible dateline, a turn in the road ahead, a dent in the political aspirations, a clear point in the chronological events of the state, when you can say, that yes, 2010, an year of change,


Change, yes you can see, hoardings of the newspaper, Bartaman, that says, “I don’t want to move anymore, no more stances, change is inevitable , and this sad story comes from a figure that undoubtedly resemble the old politician of this state “


Well, he is no more, Biman Basu, a rather, strongwilled man , came to tears, saying these words. I know, that political camaraderie exists, and it is not Amar Singhs resignation that opens up the internal conflict, it is Jyoti Basu demise that shows that CPIM is made of a core team, with a will and a propaganda.


It is sad, that such a close team , such a bunch  of talented individuals, and I am not talking about a mere state topper , in the finance minister. I am talking about a group of political scholars,


That change is inevitable and idealistic politics will not work out , is known by the educated few, but vote bank is a reality, some do it, by offering color televisions and by inviting foreign investments, and some do it, removing financial inequalities. In the process, even iron gets rust, and that same rust is now in this team.


IN laymans words, this was a great team, of strong individuals, and I have written it in this blog once before that, during the Nuclear treaty fiasco in the Indian parliament, the only political party who was following, its agenda, its own commitments was CPI (M )


I am no political enthusiast, but I do know the difference between people with talent and people without. And politics is a game of different hue all together, and in this country where mass demographics make it one huge challenge to make anything work, politics takes in a different angle all together


Jyoti Basu died today, at 95 , we could not have expected more from him, but this is that point of time, when CPIM leaders can look back and say, that without their leader, in spirit, their lies a void , and vacuum that will earmark their finish as a political party .


For me a common man, there is no difference, I know, but when I feel as a citizen I know that there comes a change, not in favour of Trinamool, but a dissent against CPIM.

It is not love for Trinamool, it is a hatred for CPIM.



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well written ..true in parts ..