Friday, January 15, 2010

New Channels

Well, if you are in Bengal by any chance at this point of time, you will not be willing to open the news channels now,


Yesterday I overheard the local guys here , ( mostly the guys who sit on the rock walls , and sing the red songs of the CPIM, and wait for the monthly cadre salary ) . All these guys, had their own agenda, they had set up their own medical board right here below the porch.  They were discussing the Urine levels of Jyoti Basu, the haemoglobin counts, the Lipid test results


They were talking about the difference between haemo dialysis and normal dialysis, the effects of the chill factor in the climate and the results of it, How we lost Moti Nandi to the weather and may be also will loose this old nonagenarian politician.


And later on , before sleeping when I switched on the television for about a minute, I could see the bottom line in one of the newspapers “Situation is critical, urine ….”


I am not pointing towards something that is gross, or anything like that, Mr Priya Ranjan Das Munshi is on a life support system right after the Durga Pujo , ( ie about 3 months now ) all on a bill of 3-4 lakhs per day ,or more that I don’t know.


But this time with Jyoti Basu it is different, since he is not in a coma, he is alive and kicking, but the doctors are not able to put out a sure shot result either.

Not dragging this matter any further like the left front is used to , I would like to point out the other nonsensical reporting I saw in one of the news channels


it is “this millenniums longest solar eclipse”

Why not, it is the 10th year in the millennium and you are seeing  the longest , which is correct



Well, one of the hindi news channels, the real producer of Sansani khez , khabarei , vaardaat, dehshat, hawash, khoon, bhoutik, aloukik,  stuff,


The sun goes light with time and in another 20 it will be at its weakest point , the channel plays “Suraj huaa madhyam ….”




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