Thursday, January 14, 2010

And the one about the Hatis

Well, he is famous
His name is Patiram Hati,
I always thought that the pot bellied, Headooo
or the head master of the hostel in which Nantey and Fantey and KeltuDa studied, had been a metaphorical name with black humor to it

Mr Patiram Hati , having acted as Hanuman, as Ravan , in many a jatra, I thought was one in a million.

But here in Kharagpur I could see that Dr B B Hati , does exist and he runs his clinic pretty well from the local feed back

Well, the name is behind my friends back , I saw this much later while looking closely at the picture

Well, there are two more pics though,
the one with parcle <--- which i think the author means as parcel.
and the one with nusing home <-- which is nursing home.
Though not much of a thing to make fun of , but yes, all across the country I do come across millions of such mistakes
the one in Bihar that said "Child Bear" <--- chilled beer
still is the winner. I am still trying to find the second best,
though this 25th Decemeber , I saw this Meena Bazar Sherwani shops, which sell, traditional Hizaabs or Sherwanis for the Muslim population of Hyderabad, was pretty happy selling Santa Clause suits.
That was a real good bargain , like Russell Peters said, a Chinese guys selling a Louis Vuitton to a Indian guy ( that is the sale that i want to see )

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