Sunday, January 17, 2010

The art of dodging creditors

After running around the world of network marketing, personal friendships, from seeing small business run to seeing friends losing it all.

I have a good amount of money from my job and that helps in this worldly experiments,


After all the fighting, and living this world , this so called sansar, all that I have learnt is, “it is all about dodging the creditors”


Credit cards, -- people who dodge the next door neighbors for years, for them it is like cakewalk, they take a credit card , work in a respectable MNC though, but they too vanish, in a world of no professional responsibility , and no moral , ethical  dependency towards fulfilling your commitments, it is easy in todays world


Bank Loans – loans if you take in thousands, you will be sharked down,, if you take in crores, you can not pay it and stay alive , in the fish pond for years, and may be in the long run, become a respectable client , or die a peaceful life. You take 1000 crore from the bank, pay the manager 2 crores, and he wont bother, take it political, use that 1000 crores to fight in the court and you are bound to win


From friends – well, if he is in the same office, change your office, if he is another town, change your mobile number, that is very easy, stop contacts, dodge , dodge and dodge, people are crooked to start with and other people know it, and I am a pessimist, when the money goes, I only think of it as gone. I never calculate it as my own any more, it is rather of an income to me to get it back after years


And market – well, muscle power if you have, there is nothing like it, you are rich, you are famous, and no one will touch you, and thus there exists a device of the market called credit, all bar in front of you


we sometimes look at a ant hole and think how this poor insects stay in those crowded places, how rats infest their holes, now imagine, when you look at the current market , the current great Indian buzzars,

they are full this insect holes, where the competition is not only cut throat, it literally, dries your blood out, embalms your body and sells it to your family

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