Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cant stop writing

Am waiting for a build to office ( piss…. office work )

Anyways, All I can say is that all of a sudden the feeling of the Pujo , has come and gone, though tomorrow is another day , where many Bengalis have a lot of do, The Bijaya Dashami

This is a very important day in terms of mythology, Today was the day where Ram killed Ravana and in many parts of the country it is celebrated as Dusshera, but for us, we the Bengali , it is still Durga Pujo, And Dashami . Though we don’t call it Maha Dashami like we do for Shashti, Saptami and the rest. All I can tell is that the Dusshera is the festival of the north and here, we have our own Sindoor Khela, ( where all married women will smear vermillion , play , dance and sing ) , Though it is not that melodramatic, but yes, for women there are a lot of things that are part of the Dashami,

they ask to the mother for a good coming year, and happiness and wellbeing for the family


IN my childhood, I used to go this nearby pandal ( the great Grandious club) it still stands there, out there in the middle of all the drama that has come and gone . With almost all the books that I had, I will the feet of all the idols there with the books, we used to put sweet in their mouths, coins here and there, take some sacred leaves and flowers and put it in the books for a better coming years,


Those were the years, when I thought that hope and belief is everything, I don’t have enough faith or I am not praying enough and so things don’t happen,. Over the years I have learnt that without hard work nothing comes , but the final learning of all is that there lies something , beyond hard work, there is something beyond that piece of mentality that says, that I work so hard, I solve so many problems at work, at business, that I need and deserve to be more happy, etc, etc


I don’t know,I think I am being materialistic , but only after I have enjoyed some of the basic material pleasures can I judge that it is not that good for me, till then the suspense kills me …

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