Friday, September 25, 2009

Maha Saptami 2009

Yes, today is the Saptami , today the devi , ma Uma is supposed to leave for her dads home. Akal Bodhan was the Puja that Lord Rama did to awaken the devi during this time of the year when she is not working. That just reminds me that in our office the whole Shanghai team switches off for a whole 10 days lot , and all take this leave without exceptions, rather to enforece it, the office premises are closed during this period,


Even US has a shutdown period,it is only in India where you can find the office open on all possible days and events, IT was closed in Hdyerabad during the time YS Rajashekhar Reddys sad demise in the helicopter crash last month, the office was closed in Hdyerabad, but the managers in Bangalore kept pushing the people to work in Hyderabad.  Atleast, we had to work on the weekends to make up for it,


All wounds healed and all stories told, differences apart, today a Bengali can enjoy the festive mood, while at work too. He has the net to help him, with the decent tata sky connection you can see Star Ananda, and ETV Bangla anytime of the day you want.


I could only go and see the Salt Lake pujas for about 2 hours today , they had moderate crowds and I liked the evening gatherings out there, they seem to be have made a world outside of Kolkata, they took Bengal from here to the west and started a new form of Pujo out there, then they mixed things from both cultures and then finally on their way home they came back with all the paraphernalia they could and along came the Salt Lake Pujas.


A stage or a  set for another Jhumpa Lahiri story, the Salt Lake Pujas have different meaning all together. Well tomorrow I am planning to hire an auto for a all day long trip of the city, I find Autos to be more sensible way to travel, it is more airy and getting in and out is easier. Anyways, enough for today, I am not able to type more…..

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