Sunday, September 6, 2009

A medical journey

I was searching for a lot of things online, one whimsical evening.

Actually today is the last day of my sick leave

This was one of those sick leaves that I should have encashed long back . I have never been this troubled by my body ,

It started with conjunctivitis, for a whole period of 7 days, Dr Das a friend of manager did take a glance at it and asked me

certain home made measures and I was quick to use all of them, by then my back ache had become acute, ( not chronic yet )


I suffered the back ache and the conjunctivitis for a week, surprisingly , the conjunctivitis lasted for a whole week, and one fine morning the redness was gone and I was left with a bit of irritation which was ok for me. By the way I was in Bangalore staying with my friend Avinash, who had arranged for me in Indiranagar. The same room that was once the abode of Puranjoy and Alex Tadu Ranka. Anyways will introduce them later. It was a difficult time for me with my manager completely one a chase for every accountable minute. I was not eating proper diet too in the Bangalore setup as there was not opportunity to set a cook etc out there. I tried cooking myself most of the time.


I came back to Hdyerabad after two desperate weeks in Hyderabad, completely tired after the flight, I fell sick the same day , with high fever and body ache, I went to Yashoda the following Monday after finding that Sunday was a complete no no for hospitals in Hyderabad. Did not find one single one out there though . The doctor in Yashoda found sever wheezing and prescribed me lecope and some steroid to reduce the asthmatic conditions,

The medicine course did not work and the next Monday I decided to come to Kolkata where Dr Prabhat Bhattacharjee here in Unimed ( opp to Jaya Cinema Hall) did a checkup . Personally I feel that he is a genius with the medicine that he prescribed working like magic.

After the flu like symptoms were gone , I went to a Orthopaedic surgeon for the back ache and they found it to be RSI ( repetitive strain injury ) , which happens to people like me who are born to be employees for ever. I know that I am not a genious and my life will be struggle to even cope up to the levels that excellent and superior human beings tread, I have met some guys who can come anyday and take my job happily, they are the people who were born to rule the world, live according to their whimsies. They are the ones who will win it in the long run, not people like us who know that they have nothing to cling to ,


People appreciate entrepreneurship , but there is a lot to be lost in the process, we look at winners but the hundreds to loser don’t even have a meager existence. I have to fight for many things in life and god forbid for iq levels below me there might be people who are barely breathing at times,


Anyways, RSI is a bad thing to happen to a 26 year old, I went Dr Amal Bhattacharjee (  Bhattacharjees rule, and Mr Puranjoy , who is now pursuing his PhD rules too )., There is a Apollo clinic in the Jessore road here in Barat. He sits there, Me and Vishwanand went there to find that he wont be coming on that day , I went again a day later , and this time I was diagnosed to have RSI. Took Myoril for about 8 days and got this sever stomach pain

the next whole week I was sitting curved , finally getting admitted in the Apollo Gleneagles  here in Canal Street in Kolkata,

I got discharged this Friday evening,


Today is a Sunday two days post hospitalization. I went for cashless in Apollo,and the behavior there was unless I produce atleast a bill of 1lakh or more I am not a patient worth treatment there. I had to undergo an endoscopy and the story of that horrible 1 and ½ minutes can be seen in the video cd that they have provided  for a huge lumpsum of 450 rs,

Everytime one doctor visits your bed ( may be just to control a devastating or a harmless fart ) , the hospital charges 500 rs , and for all the other things from gloves to room cleaning to anything, the hospital has become a nightmare for a non insured person,.

Anyways, there are many charges like the medical record, the thermometer that they buy in bulk, the registration fees and the hand cleaner in the bed which they repetitively use for multiple patients will not be covered by the  insurance and I had to bear it,


One guy with a bill of 2 lakh had to still pay 50 k . I think there needs to be strong lawas against all this bills and strong laws against all these unlawful activities, there was once a time in this country where doctors where given the status next to the gods, but I hope that they might have some pride left in themselves to even think about some spirituality.


Anyways, I was actually diagnosed with Acute Gastritis and then Duodenitis,Starting from eye till the stomach , I have been through every kind of horrendous examination and medical treatment possible in the last few days, from ultrasonography to urine, blood and Swine Flu test,


Now I am in the restive mood , and I have asked my manager to give me permission to work from Kolkata. I have taken a Tata Indicom Photon + , The service is excellent and I now use it all the time. I have a wired lan at home. I will be needing some backup soon.  God forbid something happens tomorrow. I need to start a Physiotherapy soon., the main treat ment is still pending and I need to start it soon,. But I will work this week whole just to check that  I can possibly finish my office work sitting here in Kolkata.

May be that will help  me in getting some more stay in Kolkata. I am happy to be here since the food is according to diet and in the long run if there are problems working remotely I will need to take up a job here in Kolkata


All depends on luck, destiny and future. Good bye for now

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