Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The day after

Though the title does gives you some kind of misleading thoughts, if at all you put some thought after reading it, I am not trying to write about some thing that happened in my life


I am writing about something that happened in almost every Bengalis, heart, today is the day after the Dashami , and today is a Tuesday, today is the 29th of September,


Today China complete 60 years into communism, the Tianammen Square will host their national day , today we witnessed another England, NewZealand, Champions trophy match, today I witnessed, drunkards from all around the Adyanath Palli , come to the pandal surroundings, especially my house, next to it, the ground floor is given to them for all the recreation for the last day. Yes, today there were people out on the roads, for, some like many of my relatives, the Pujo is actually, the days before it, and the days after it, like the chatuthi, the panchami and by shashti we have full fledged, all Kolkata, Durga Pujo , porikrama tourism , and bus services.


IN Agartala, where I was brought up, we will go and stand near the hawkers corner and one by one all the major pujos protimas will float across your eyes,on their way to the Bisarjan,


On this day , Durga goes back to her inlawas house. This chutti , this vacation to the mama jees place is over, and it is time to return, legends abound, stories many to tell, though forgotten in all these years of hard earned neo American culture, I believe, that thought Thomas Friedman says that people are not Americinazing, but I believe that since more and more mediocrity creeps in this society of ours, the more we are starting to despise, anything that is a part of our culture. Some time back , I noticed that neo patriotism, or I call the Dutch Patriotism starts when someone leaves the country and goes abroad, All of a sudden the world is bad and India is good.


Same for we Bengalis, we probaashis ( expatriates ) are more lovers of our cultures then the people here. I could not help noticing the fact that many boys who never go to school are the first ones to celebrate Saraswati Pujo here, they are the first ones to open the bottles after that, all the money collection, all the chaandas, before the Pujo, is only the excuse to have their night or fun later. Many boys here, many talented people here are sitting in the mercy of destiny to turn around the tables for them

They are jobless, hopeless and future less.  And the problem is that they know that,


it is the hopeful that are eager to survive, but hopeless don’t value anything, they can break a piece of art, a masterpiece,without any remorse, they can kill a man running the lives of hundreds in seconds, they can rape a young girl without a second thought, these are dogs of our society, but thing is that nature did not create them, it was we that did it


they are the dogs, they act similarly, you keep one dog happy and you are secure in the area, you give it some food, and it wags, and like good dogs, who are territorial, these goons are pretty much the same too !!!


Well,this is what I can see of the day after Dashami , today , where drunkards whom you will never see throughout the year, will come and gather near the pandal , and will dance, their only platform to show off, once in a year , every dog has its day.

And this we have created, oh god, you do come and go, it is a great time for all of us, it is a great feeling, but after all we are mere mortals and we have done this mistake, we have committed a great fault, we have created dogs, and these will soon bite, and with rising food prices in India, I am doubtful about the next pujas to be as good as it was this year




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