Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I could not help but mention that today I was watching Shinchan and I liked the  amount of creativity that the creators of this show put in, one has to see it to believe,

there are a large number of Japanese toons that Indian kids watch and will be able to relate about Japan.


Doraemon, Pokemon, Hagemaru etc etc


you can see them all around the place, Dragon Ball Z boxes to school, Shinchan merchandize, some how, Hannah  Montana, Mickey Mouse, are fast becoming things of the past and we are now looking to newer places to find fun and recreation,

the south east of asia though mainly due to sex tourism is becoming popular, but people in the west flock there in large numbers all the time, in any given point of time, whether a terrorist bombing or natural disaster like the tsunamis, you will find more foreigners killed or almost equal number of foreigners killed in these regions,


btw, I started will Shinchan, today Shinchans mom asked him to clean the toilet, though with disgust and utter dejection he did the work, and did it good but used up a costly piece of towel from his moms wardrobe,


When his mom returns, ( Mrs Nohara ) , she does not know how the toilet had been cleaned, but she liked the end product, so elated by it, she gifts Shinchan a box of Futaba cake,

At the same point, Shinchan shouts “ Oooo  , Futaba sey 100 rupiye wala cake”


Children now have started to associate better things with money and the price tag that was so evident from it. I liked it, nice touch from the creators

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Anonymous said...

i like the way shinchan calls his mom "motee aurat "