Thursday, September 24, 2009

Durga Pujo Kolkata Maha Shashti

Today ,

September 24 2009

Around the world

New Zealand plays South Africa, A Russian car manufacturer announces to cut 26700 jobs. I don’t remember the right name though, was a flash news on BBC and I had  a passing glance, while reading the Pujo Barshiki Anandamela 2009,

Finishing it quickly so that  I can post one to my manager somewhere out there in the south of India where I don’t want to go back , seeing the festivities here, though I have been here, seems to be a rebirth of memories to some.


This years edition is much better than the last years , Shirshendu Mukherjee, Sunil Gangopadhay, Samaresh Majumdar, and the new found lady PM and TM ( maaney female Pradosh Mittir, and Tapesh Mittir are here ,I mean Pragyaparomita Mukherjee and Titir ) . I think they saved the good ones at least for this ,

“ Golemle Lok “ too good a read, and obviously the new found craze for picture stories of Feluda does make a reckoning. I still miss some creativity some where, except for Arjun, which till last year was exceptional , but somehow , too many  snakes, elephants and too many adventurous rides in one sitting was just too much to grasp.

Eager software engineers all around the country do make all this beside the river bungalow trips once in a while and all the feedback I get is that, except for some Bisons, there are hardly any animals out there.


The only way they could be protected I think is by finding some religious meaning to their exixtence in this country of ours.


All I am worried and sometimes not worried is that even if I am sitting here in Kolkata though, the years pass too fast, and the point that I was worried about the most, that I may be adding years to my experience and not exp to my years is because, time is just flying.

We may be leading a good fast life, much better than our past generations, but sorry I beg to differ. I still think they put more energy and enthusiasm in to everything they did, today with the vague ideas of values and the constant exposure of family issues which again was set in due to some reasons beyond the control of every human being, is what makes man , fear everything ,almost everything other than money.


Cell phone culture has a very a teaching , today , we don’t keep out promises bcoz we can change the plans the last minute. Earlier , we had to be there ,on time, and punctuality and keeping your word mattered . In todays world, the real genuine person is the one who can make time , in this unpredictability. The real busy man is the one who will be available to you all the time, since my being productive every minute he is really and true to the word, busy


And the ones who say , that there is no time  “ I am so busy “ is the one who will be making excuses all the time.


Well coming back to the topic of Durga Puja, I am sitting in my chair working for the last 10 hours or so, this is Maha Shashti, being an outsider in this city Kolkata, where language is the common thing that I have with the people here, I don’t find the move and zeal to go down there and attend it, moreover I am working from home and really taking a favor so as to say, from my manager, SO I have to work and keep the things tidy and updated.


I am a lucky man to be here for the PUjas for the 2nd consecutive year. Somehow the festive mood has set in and online and tele porkiramas do make up for a lot of the loss that I feel by not going anywhere. May be tomorrow I will plan something later in the evening, much after the Friday is over so that my conscience will know that I have had a fuill and complete working day right here from my desk here in Kolkata


The festive mood is in the air, all ads on televisions, the blare of the loud speakers out side, the people shouting the children shooting toy guns, All can be heard sitting here near the window.


South Kolkata had some torrential rains it seems, the weather department to clear it hands of any responsibility has kept telling or flashing the news all throughout that there will be showers this Puja, which obviously due to the early pujas in September could be a childs guess,


Anyways, there are some Pujos that you should not miss in Salt Lake area, which have started to become popular due the quality of the brains that go behind the ideas there, mostly NRIs and expatriates who returned. I like the talent that went abroad, and then came back , shows in it grandeur with all the professional touch that is needed


Well, today I drop my scribbling here. One thing more. My Sister has started to learn Chinese, it was three months back that she joined Ram Krishna Mission and Calcutta University for the Chinese courses and it is already three months over, which is a considerable time, I think this is scary , the way time flies when you are busy

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