Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last day of September 2009

Great month it was, infact one of the greatest in the past so many years, I liked it, I feel attached to Kolkata more than ever


is it just the feeling of near your home or Kolkata has something more than that the eye can see. Everything is there, to your command, money is still of some lesser importance than life, or how else can you explain a taxi driver, asking to do something early so that he can go home, take his kids out for the pujo, A rickshawallahs stopped haggling, as because he needed to go home early, almost all the shops pulled their shutters down by Saptami , only to point out that, we have done enough and now it is time to live.


Some of us think we live, but all that we do is breath, breath and do it so monotonously, that when the feeling to life goes, we don’t realize, we don’t see the pain, we don’t know that it is happening.


We are numb,  time is a great healer and now that time flies, time is healing faster, I don’t feel anything , the useless ness is sinking in. Nothing is in my hands, all the creativity , all the ideas that will propel me forward are not coming to me. I am becoming a bloated jar of ideas, with nothing to express but accept the fact and carry on,


May be this is called being practical,may be this is called being in life,

may be this is not life at all.

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