Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dashami early morning 2009

Today we went around 1 Am in the morning, actually the end of Nobomi raatri ,


I can only tell you that I am so tired that I cannot write a big paragraph, there are so many expressions that I will misappropriate, there are so many thoughts and feelings that I have brought with me that I am bit hazy or dazzled to be correct. College Square, man, that you can call as mad rush, though there was less space on the roads and people were tightly bound within the limits of the footpath for their march towards the pandals. That way one thing happens , is that the buses can ply faster and go smooth.
The people on the road suffer the most. Today I was just guessing and did a rough estimation, there were about 40 K people in the square alone and at snails pace we made it to the Pandal, Obviously a great work by the family of Sanatan Pal one of the most famous murtikars from Kumar tuli from the yesteryears, and they do like to keep the tradition intact. But there were few people from the upper middle class as I could make it, I have nothing against the Biharis, but this I can tell that today they pissed me off. Every guy on the top of their voice, a indecent song, a whistle, and a elbow here and there, and shouting slogans to no help, I could not make it out, where are the Bengalis when it comes to seeing the pandals in hoards or is it, just that, they succumbed to their own fortunes or misfortunes and they leave the city when time comes to enjoy and celebrate. May be they have left this 4 day wonder pandals for the rest of the world to admire, and they take their time off for some bookreading, just the festive feeling, going early to the mandaps for anjalis, for the Sandhi Puja. May be they leave the job of push and pull to a people of different grooming all together,

I don’t know, I don’t want to really generalize or write something sentimental here, but the attitude of the Biharis is something I cannot simple gulp down sitting. Whether Benares Hindu University s once made temp decision to spare the college from Bihari politics, was step towards the good, I have no idea. …


Tomorrow another important day , I have to teach maths to my fiancée, the whole day , And also have my work ( pending for days )…

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