Monday, September 28, 2009

Dashami ,

Going going gone

that used to be an expression I used to hear in my childhood, for people who were very fast, or had restless movements, come in a jiffy and vanish even quicker.


I don’t know, whether we can define time or any such thing, but can it be just a distant possiblilty that some how we are inside some physical phenomenon, or rather some thing beyond physics, since I was always of the thought that, physics tries to define nature and its laws, and time is something that does not exists within this nature or as a part of the current nature we live in , its definition exists in some other world of its own, we use the virtual usage of the time to generate milestones and checkpoints once in a while to clarify our own needs .


I think somehow we are now living in a age where days fly, time flies, and months go, festivals just hang around all most every time you say mouse. I don’t know, whether we are living in some warp , or thing that is making time go faster now.

I am not willing to part my best days so fast go in oblivion only to be in despair that I can do nothing about it,


It is not only Durga Pujo , that went fast this year,it was just a few hours ago that I took this Photon + connection and now it is already the end of this month and I am standing on the penultimate day of sept 2009. This is mysterious, I don’t know whether others think the same too, or it is just me



By the way I somehow manager to sneak into the Sreebhumi Pujo here, another of Sanatan Rudra Pals protimas, this years though I feel that the there was no need to these long lines that we have, these long queus, the bamboo barricades, All I can say that it was mediocre. Yes the Akshardham feeling takes time to sink in, but the rush and crowd pulling and stuff like those makes it  a bit difficult for many to enjoy them in their true sense.


In any case, I am now  in my home,tired, exhausted, my day with mathematics is over, and I still feel I am good at it, or may be bcoz it was easy to start with.

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